Satisfied Customers:
CalcSheet D1-Ductwork Cost Estimate.xlsx
" I was able to save a lot of my time in ductwork estimating by using your spreadsheet.  Thank you HVACnotebook for htis great spreadsheet.  Wish I had it years ago."
                                                         Steve P. , February 2017
Motor Energy Consumption and Cost Estimates.xlsx
" This is so easy that anyone can do these energy analysis using these spreadsheets."
                                                      Dave, June 2017
CalcSheet QuickCalcs-HVAC.xlsx
" My team and I use this spreadsheet almost every day.  It has many useful calculatoins.  HVACnotebook was even able to customize it for us to include our own calculations."
                                                     Thomas M. , May 2017
Contacts (searchable).xlsx
" I use this spreadsheet to keep track of my customers and clients.  It's so easy to use.  I didn't know Excel can do such thing before."
                                                   Frankie C. ,July 2017
Customer Testimonials
CalcSheet P1-Piping Cost Estimate.xlsx
" This is a great spreadsheet.  Now everyone in my office use it to do piping estimate which makes it easier for me to check or take over."
                                                      Sam C. , Janurary 2017