Use our custom databases to keep track of your projects, contacts, and reference building codes. We can customize them to meet your specific needs.
Our CalcSheets are spreadsheets that provide quick calculations or estimates. They are Excel spreadsheets with built-in formulas, lookup tables, macros & VBA to automate the routine yet tedious tasks involved in some HVAC calculations. Use them to standardize your company forms and calculation sheets. We can customize them to suit your specific needs. They can save you a substantial amount of time, reduce errors, and ease your work.
Various HVAC topics are discussed in this website. Information are meant to be used in your daily design work or as a reference. Additional topics will be added. Check this section frequently for updates.
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This website contains relevant information a HVAC Engineer needs to quickly & effectively perform his/her daily tasks. Such as frequently used data, references, and recommended sizing criteria. In addition, our CalcSheets are Excel spreadsheets developed to automate the routinely repetitive tasks involved in most HVAC calculations. (eg. table look-up, unit conversions, sizing, cost estimates) Our Databases are designed to orgainize and simplify your work. New materials & information are added frequently.
The CalcSheets & information in this website are intended for users with basic knowledge of HVAC design. The developers of this website is not responsible for any errors in the spreadsheets or information posted in this website. See the Disclaimer page for additional information.
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